License Terms of Use

Please read below the license terms for my templates, patterns, and printables.

If you hate reading licenses, here is the gist of it:

All products in the shop come with Commercial use and Personal Use License.

The only products allowed to use in your PLR creations are my patterns and graphics. These MUST BE FLATTEN so that your customer can't extract them from the file to use on other projects. All other products must be sold to your customers for personal use only.

Do not include Rainbow Sundays or my name in your final products. These are meant to be rebranded as your own products.


Digital Pattern Papers – I offer two types of digital pattern papers:

  1. Done-For-You Digital Pattern Papers – these come in PNG or JPG format. These files are not editable.
  2. Editable digital Pattern Papers- Currently, I'm only offering these as editable Canva templates. You can fully edit these digital papers any way you want.

You can use both types of pattern papers to create designs to sell on Print-On-Demand (POD) sites, KDP, Etsy shop, or your own store. You can use these patterns as part of your PLR creations to sell to other sellers.

Please flatten the patterns so that your customer can not extract them from the file.



You are allowed to use my graphics in creating your own PLR creations. All I ask is that they are flattened so that your customer can not extract the graphics.

Note, that when you save as a PDF in Canva, the graphics are not flattened. Here are some things you can do to flatten the graphics:

  • Use Canva
    *Update – Canva now has a flattened PDF option when you download your file as a PDF. Check that option before you download the file onto your computer.
  1. If you are working in Canva, when you designed your product with the graphics you don't want to be extracted, save it as PNG.
  2. Upload it back onto Canva.
  3. Finish adding your text, etc.
  4. Save as PDF Print.
  • Use a free online PDF flattening program such as Sejda, PDFReal, etc. There are other free ones online. Just Google “flatten PDF or how to flatten PDF”. Test out these sites first to make sure you don't lose the print quality.
  • Here is a great tutorial on how to flatten PDF if you are a Mac user. The writer mentioned that it doesn't work on all Macs. It worked for me.

Done-For-You (DFY) Commercial Use License

Besides the DFY digital pattern papers stated above, all other Done-For-You products come in PDF format. These are not editable files. You can rebrand the files or use them as is. You can sell these to your customers for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

Private Label Rights (PLR) Commercial Use License

The PLR products consist of Canva Templates. This will make it easy for you to customize (changing colors, fonts, etc) the template and save them however way you wish. Unless stated otherwise, I use Canva free elements so you only need the free version of Canva to edit the templates. I do recommend Canva Pro (affiliate link) if you want to quickly resize my templates to different sizes, background removal, smart mockup, and other great features. They do offer a free 30-day trial so take advantage of it and cancel before your time is up.

You can use these templates as is, rebrand them, save them as PDF print (for best printing quality), and upload them onto your store, website, or other selling platforms. I do recommend that you change the background color, font, and add more graphics to make these templates your own so that you can stand out from your competitors.